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OG DIVAS - TranslationS


(from Aida by G. Verdi) 

Heavenly Aida, divine form, 
Mystical garland of light and flowers, 
You are queen of my thoughts, 
You are the splendor of my life. 
I want to give you back

Your beautiful sky, 
The sweet breezes of your native land, 
To place a royal garland on your hair, 
To raise you a throne next to the sun. 



(from Norma by V. Bellini)


Pure Goddess, whose silver covers 
These sacred ancient plants, 
we turn to your lovely face 
unclouded and without veil... 
Temper, oh Goddess, 
the hardening of you ardent spirits 
temper your bold zeal, 
Scatter peace across the earth 
Which you make to reign in the sky... 



(from Faust by C. Gounod)


Ah, I laugh to see myself 
so beautiful in this mirror, 
Is it you, Marguerite, it is you? 
Answer me! Respond quickly! 

No, no! it is no longer you!, it is no longer your face; 
It is the daughter of a king, 
Whom one bows to as she passes! 

Ah, if only he were here! 
If he would see me like this 
Like a lady 
He would find me so beautiful, Ah!  

Let us complete the metamorphosis, 
I am late yet in trying on 
The bracelet and the necklace! 
God! it is like a hand 
Which is placed on my arm! Ah, ah 


(from Lucia di Lammermoor

by G. Donizetti) 

The sweet sound of his voice hits me! 
Ah, that voice into my heart descends! 
Edgardo, I surrender to you 
A chill creeps into my breast! 
Trembles every fiber! 
My foot falters! 
Sit next to me a while near the fountain! 

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